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Website: app.rxcgames.com
Bonus: Unlimited 100% Match
Minimum deposit: AU$1
Year founded: 2023
Payout time: 3-5 days
Verification time: No Verification
License: N/A

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  • Decent mobile version


  • Completely unlicensed
  • Very unclear bonuses
  • Poor game selection

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RXC Games Review

Let’s face it, most of us here really enjoy casino games – we’re talking cards, wheels, occasionally some dice, and, of course, reels and symbols. But that doesn’t necessarily have to be all that we enjoy, right? After all, we’ve covered several sports betting sites in the past (and plenty of casinos that cover sports betting on the site), and our reviews that stray a bit from the norm have always been received very well.

As such, when we learned about RXC Games, we decided it’s worth giving it an honest look as well! What’s RXC Games, you may ask? Well, basically, it’s a site dedicated solely to minigames and skill-based pokies. While in normal casinos you’d bet on luck-based pokies and blackjack, here you’ll find games like Plinko and Over/Under.

So, will this give weary gamblers a welcome change of pace, or is it more of a reminder that the old games are best?

RXC Casino Review Australia


Welcome Bonus – Unlimited 100% Match

Right off the bat, we can see one of the biggest departures that RXC Games makes compared to traditional online casinos – its lack of a promotions section. Oh, don’t get us wrong, the site very much has active bonuses that you can claim. However, it doesn’t have a page dedicated to promotions, nor does it allow you to really view any details until you’ve already claimed the promotion. Which is… Short-sighted at best, downright scummy at worst.

Case in point: the welcome bonus. RXC Games proudly advertises that it will double your first deposit without any upper limit. You can put down $1m if you want, and you’ll get a $1m bonus to your name (although we would recommend against it, for obvious reasons). But then what? What are the wagering requirements, what’s the minimum deposit, what are the special conditions and requirements that you need to keep in mind, if any?

Sadly, not even the customer support could answer those questions for us. Trust us, we tried to ask, and all we were told is that “the offer is personalized for each player”, which is obviously untrue and we interpreted to mean “we don’t know”. Is this offer even real? The world may never find out.

Daily Wheel Spin

Besides its rather questionable welcome bonus, RXC Games doesn’t really have any other promotions or bonuses. You won’t get additional bonuses as part of a welcome package, nor any reload promotions to keep you sated long-term as you keep depositing at this site. However, you will receive what’s known as a daily free spin.

So, what is that? Well, it’s simple: you spin a wheel for a chance to earn a bonus ranging between $0.5 and $12, if you get it at all, of course. As you can imagine, while the idea of being able to snatch up a bonus every single day is rather appealing, the same can’t be said about the actual bonus amounts, most of which really won’t make a difference even if you claim them.

There is a way to boost your winnings from the Daily Wheel Spin, but it involves being rather highly ranked in the casino’s VIP program, which obviously isn’t something that a lot of people are going to do – especially given some issues with that program which we’ll get into later. For now, it’s worth mentioning that while the Daily Wheel Spin sounds fun on paper, in practice it really won’t do much for you.


Traditional Casino Games

Earlier, in our intro, we said that RXC Games offers exclusively minigames and doesn’t have any traditional casino experiences. Well, that was a bit of a lie… Sort of. You see, it’s not entirely true that the site doesn’t have any traditional experiences, they’re just so few and so poor that you really won’t pay them much mind.

Here is the list of traditional casino games available at RXC Games, in its entirety:

  • Blackjack
  • Video Poker
  • Keno
  • Roulette
  • Slots (Pokies)

That’s it! And we know what you’re thinking, “pfft, dear writer at casinoaustraliaonline.com, you don’t know what you’re talking about, that’s what all casinos have – some even have less!” And you’re misunderstanding us. RXC Games doesn’t have a plethora of blackjack rooms, nor a wide collection of pokies by dozens of developers. It has ONE of each, all developed internally.

Yep, you read that correctly. One Blackjack game, one game of Video Poker, one game of Keno, one game of Roulette, one pokie (which is the simplest fruit machine you could possibly imagine). All developed internally by RXC Games, and thus not monitored in any way. As much as the casino seems to claim that its games are “provably fair”, the fact of the matter remains that they’re absolutely not, and another fact is that this isn’t nearly enough to run an online casino. Why even bother with them at all?

RXC Casino Games Australia

Non-Traditional Games

Putting RXC Games’ meager casino offerings aside, it’s clear that their main focus is obviously going to be the non-traditional games, offerings like Plinko, Minesweeper, Crash, and Stairs. And while we certainly think they’re better than its traditional offerings, ultimately the difference is completely negligible. They’re both bad.

The biggest problem with those games is simply that they are insufficient in both number and variety. Excluding the 5 games we listed above, you’ll find another dozen titles here, and that’s where RXC Games’ variety begins and ends. Hell, even if you focused entirely on skill-based and non-traditional games (which is not something that RXC Games did), you could still populate the site with way more titles than this!

The other thing is that the games simply aren’t very visually interesting. As mentioned earlier, all of the titles at RXC Games have been developed internally, and as such lack the visual flair that titles developed by established companies do. Half the time it feels like you’re looking at a PowerPoint presentation rather than a game. In the modern world of online casinos, where choice is more than plentiful, you really, really need some visual flair, which these titles sorely lack.

RXC Casino Live Games Australia

Deposits & Withdrawals

Well, the bonuses and games of RXC Games are really weird – why should the payment options be straightforward, right? It should be very obvious by now that RXC is a crypto site, which means that you will only be able to make deposits and withdrawals via crypto instead of your actual “flat” currency.

However, you won’t be making deposits directly into the site. Instead, first you’ll need to link one of several crypto wallet services (like Coinbase) to your account and then do the deposits from your wallet into RXC Games. The good news is that basically any currency supported by these wallets can also be used at RXC. The bad news is that the process is so needlessly convoluted that it’ll turn off nearly anyone who isn’t already a crypto enthusiast.

Minimum deposit $1
Minimum withdrawal $1
Maximum withdrawal No limits
Deposit methods None
Crypto currencies accepted Any supported by crypto wallets
Australian Dollars accepted No
Welcome bonus package Unlimited 200% Match

Withdrawal time

Theoretically, RXC Games’ withdrawal times should be instant. There are several reasons for that, a major one being that the site works exclusively in crypto. Crypto transactions generally happen much, much faster than ones involving banks, so a transfer that would take 3-5 days via bank can take 30 minutes via the blockchain.

With that said, putting the theory aside and focusing on the practice for a spell, we have reasons to believe that you won’t be getting your money no matter how long you wait. While we’ll dive into these reasons more as the review progresses, for now, all that’s worth saying is that depositing at this site comes with a significant risk.

VIP Program

It may surprise you to learn that RXC Games actually has its very own, dedicated VIP program – we know that it certainly surprised us! It’s a fairly standard affair that will reward you with unique perks and bonuses the more you wager. While the exact amounts you’ll need to wager in order to reach each level of the program are unknown, we do know what the perks are.

As you advance through the ranks, you’ll receive special perks like additional bonuses when you activate a bonus code, a multiplier for any Daily Spins, even a cashback feature that will recoup some of your losses. Honestly, it’s not a terrible system… But it certainly is hurt by the fact that you’re diving into the unknown when you try to climb levels.

This is purely our own speculation, but given the very low activity on the site, we don’t actually believe that there are any actual requirements to advance in the program. You won’t automatically go from Silver to Gold if you wager X amount of dollars, instead chances are that all of the accounts are monitored and “leveled up” manually when the casino staff feel it’s time. And, as we’ve said many times in the past, you can’t run your online gambling site on gut feelings.


As you can probably imagine by now, RXC Games don’t really have any tournaments to speak of… Which makes sense, because most tournaments are tied to pokies. Some casinos we’ve reviewed also have dedicated tournaments for live games or even sports betting, but in any case, none of that would matter because RXC Games doesn’t offer any of the above.

However, the site does actually have a leaderboard – by selecting the small trophy at the very top of the page, you’ll be able to open a ranking of winners that you can sort by all time, day or even hour. It’s a surprisingly transparent feature that will tell you exactly how much each player wagered during a particular time period and how much they won.

As far as we can tell, it’s just for bragging rights, and there are no rewards associated with it, but it’s still pretty cool. What we like the most about it is just how many insights it gives us about the site: for example, on the day when we’re actually typing up those very words (as opposed to researching or publishing them on our site), there were only 2 people who wagered at RXC Games, one of which bet $0.70 and lost it all. Very active casino with very high stakes!


At normal online casinos, what’s known as a “verification” typically comes when you’re ready to withdraw. It’s a legal requirement, since online sites that dispense money to users have to make legally certain that they’re not, you know, funding criminal activity and aiding literal money laundering. As such, before you withdraw, you’ll need to present a few documents.

The process is very similar here, but the timing is completely off. Now, you’ll be allowed to deposit as much cash as you want… But that money will be held hostage and will not be reflected in your account until you complete the verification procedure, meaning that you can’t even start playing until you verify.

And we have to ask… Why? What benefit is extracted from that? There are no laws prohibiting users from playing with real money without verifying first. But fine, if you want to be extra sure, that’s perfectly okay – so why allow players to deposit, only to then not give them that deposit until they go through extra steps? We’ve never seen a casino site operate like this, and it just reeks of a massive scam.

Is RXC Games Legit & safe?

To put it very simply and succinctly: No, RXC Games is not a legitimate online casino. In fact, it has so many red flags in it that it could put all of China to shame. To start off, we don’t need to tell you that RXC Games is completely and entirely unlicensed. In fact, the site seems to have gone out of its way to eschew any kind of measure that would keep it accountable. It claims that its games are “provably fair”, but it hasn’t even gotten an independent third party to confirm that.

The fact that you can only deposit via crypto is another red flag, since with crypto (unlike with your credit card) you can’t actually get a refund if you get scammed. As such, crypto casinos have developed a shady reputation, and while it’s sometimes not entirely justified, here it’s yet another red flag. It doesn’t help that the site’s owner is completely unknown, meaning that even if you were so rich that, instead of getting a refund, you’d prefer to just sue the site outright, you wouldn’t really know who to serve with a subpoena.

Customer support

Do we need to tell you that RXC Games has incredibly poor customer support? Probably not – if you’re smart, you’d know to automatically expect the worst when it comes to all aspects of this site. But this time, it surpassed even our own incredibly low expectations, as we’ve never seen a site in our lives that doesn’t offer e-mail support.

Indeed – you can’t write an e-mail, neither from your inbox nor by submitting a ticket. There is no e-mail address listed on the site at all, and while we have found an address associated with RXC Games listed on external sources, writing it just returned an error. Instead, RXC requires you to write their support agents via live chat, but not a built-in live chat, mind you. Instead, they need you to write them on Telegram. Was WhatsApp not available?

This is unacceptable, and, quite frankly, pathetic. Customer support is one of the most important parts of online casinos, and so it is quite ridiculous that RXC Games not only doesn’t support basic e-mails, but have relegated their chat service to a completely third party app that you need a separate registration for.

Live Chat support 24/7 (Telegram only)
Phone support No
E-mail support No
Ticketing system No

Mobile casino

In stark contrast with what we just said about always expecting the worst, the mobile version of RXC Games is actually not too bad. This is, however, a case of two wrongs making a right, so to speak. You see, the mobile version is actually the one you’ll be accessing on desktop, too – you can even see “app” in the desktop URL of the website. This means that the interface can be a little bit wonky when viewed on desktop.

On mobile, things look a lot better and run a lot more smoothly, which is expected given that, you know, the mobile version is the main version. But don’t expect some kind of masterpiece on mobile that somehow resolves all of the problems we’ve encountered on desktop. Fundamentally, this is still the same site with a lot of the same issues plaguing it on desktop, it just looks marginally better and runs a little bit faster.

Mobile version YES
iOS App No
Android APP No

RXC Casino Mobile Version


Is RXC Games a legitimate site for Australians?


No. The site may accept Australian players, but it is not legally authorized by any jurisdiction to do so.

Can I make a deposit at RXC Games using Australian dollars?


No. You can only deposit via crypto.

Is it possible to place bets on sports games at RXC Games?


No. Sports betting is not currently supported on the platform.

Selecting “Slots” only takes me to a single fruit machine - where are the rest?


RXC Games only offers a single fruit machine. It does not have a pokies section.

How can I climb through the ranks of RXC Games’ VIP section?


You can ascend the ranks by placing enough wagers to qualify for a higher level. However, qualifying wagers are decided on a case by case basis by the casino staff.

Can I place a direct deposit with Bitcoin from my wallet to the casino?


No. You must first create a wallet via a supported crypto service and then link it to the casino.



RXC Games is one of the worst gambling sites that we have ever had the displeasure to review. It should be beyond obvious that this is just a scam that is intended to take your money and give nothing back. The site has an unknown owner, it’s completely unlicensed, requires verification after you deposit, but before you can play, accepts only crypto deposits, and has some incredibly strange bonuses with undefined terms and conditions. Even having just half of those red flags would be enough for us to completely write off the site as a scam.

But even if everything was fantastic in terms of security, even if this was the most legitimate gambling site we’ve ever laid our eyes on, it still wouldn’t be enough to earn a recommendation. It has less than 20 games, most of which rather uninteresting. Don’t get us wrong, the concept of a casino site that relies on newer, more innovative games sounds absolutely fantastic to us, but the execution is just beyond salvation.

As always, the decision of whether to sign up or not is up to you. But judging by the fact that RXC Games has two active players as of the time of writing, we don’t expect that there is significant demand for it.

RXC Games Vs 3 new casinos in Australia

Casino Rating Bonus Year founded Minimum Deposit Available in Australia
RXC Games 2.4 Unlimited 100% Match 2023 AU$1 YES
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OneDun Casino 2.8 100% Up to AU$ 10,000 Unknown AU$30 YES
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