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Top1 AUD Casino

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50% Up to AU$ 188

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approved Players from Australia accepted.

Bonus: 50% Up to AU$ 188
Minimum deposit: AU$20
Year founded: 2024
Payout time: 48 hours
Verification time: No Information
License: N/A

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  • Many bonuses


  • Unlicensed
  • Lacks transparency
  • Too few payment methods

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Top1 AUD Casino Review

Top1 AUD Casino is yet another brand-new 2024 release that takes the shape of an e-wallet and is crammed with seemingly alluring deals and gambling options. In case you wish to accompany us on a thrilling adventure, we at are bent on discovering what this captivating profusion of images and statements has to offer you as a member. We aim to provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about deciding to spend time and money on a betting spree at Top1 AUD. As usual, we aim to show every facet of the casino we’re evaluating, so you have nothing to fret about when it comes to all of the details.

Top1 AUD Casino Review Australia

Something becomes clear from a first glance at Top1 AUD’s atmosphere: we’ve landed in the center of our least preferred type of internet-based gambling venue. While supporters of the e-wallet structure do exist, they’re few and far between. A solid reason to stay away from these casinos is entirely due to their generally unsatisfactory framework, aesthetically intimidating setting, and numerous incomplete promotions. Nevertheless, occasionally an excellent virtual casino like Top1 AUD appears, and we are unable to resist loving it despite any possible drawbacks. Even while we’re not sure if the casino we’re looking at currently will fit into this bracket, we’re eager to investigate more. Let’s get started with our review and dive straight into it if you’re cautious and wish to grow into a pro when it comes to Top1 AUD Casino!


Every online casino’s ‘Promotions’ area is where we look for no less than three bonus deals that cover the whole gambling experience for customers. You really can skip looking when it comes to Top1 AUD because the gambling site literally fills your screen with incentives ripe for the taking. However, this isn’t always a good thing since a large range of bonuses generally implies that the site is showering players with what appears to be generous payouts to foster a sense of excitement, even though none of the rewards really benefit the person who chooses to take advantage of them. We’re about to confirm if you have to worry about this scenario at Top1 AUD so before making a decision, we’ll examine the site’s incentives in great detail.

It’s easily noticeable that this betting hub offers incentives for your whole future path as a player — that’s immediately apparent since once you get on the website, all promo offers are on your right. This section of the casino provides you the opportunity to take advantage of 19 different rewards: 3 welcome bonuses, 3 special event deals, 4 free credit campaign bonus offers, 3 daily combo rewards, 3 daily VIP level incentives, and 3 weekly VIP level promos. Although the quantity is astounding, we have to see beyond it and concentrate on the terms and conditions that the betting hub is offering. If you’re all set, let’s embark on an exploration of Top1 AUD’s perks since we must analyze each offer separately to get the full picture.

Top1 AUD Casino Welcome Bonuses

At first, you’re welcomed by Top1 AUD Casino, and you can grab three distinct welcome bonuses for your initial deposits. For your 1st deposit, it’s a 50% bonus on a minimum deposit of AU$ 30. With a winover requirement of 3x, you can claim this bonus only once, yielding a maximum bonus of AU$ 188. For instance, depositing AU$ 30 grants you an additional AU$ 15, totaling AU$ 45, and the minimum withdrawal amount is AU$ 135. These bonuses are exclusively applicable to pokies, and the terms restrict each member to one claim.

Moving to the 2nd deposit, you can enjoy a 30% bonus with the same terms and conditions. A minimum deposit of AU$ 30 is required, and the maximum bonus remains AU$ 188. To give you a quick example, depositing AU$ 30 earns you an extra AU$ 9, totaling AU$ 39, with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 117.

Lastly, the 3rd deposit bonus offers a generous 70% on a minimum deposit of AU$ 100, with the same 3x winover requirement. Claimable once per member, this bonus yields a maximum bonus of AU$ 188 as well. To give you an idea of how this works, depositing AU$ 100 results in an additional AU$ 70, totaling AU$ 170, with a minimum withdrawal amount that must be met. These bonuses are tailored mainly for pokies enthusiasts, so if you are one, you’re in luck!

Top1 AUD Special Event Deals

You can also explore the exclusive Top1 AUD Casino Special Event Deals for an ultra-boosted gaming experience — let’s take a look at them. In Deal 1, you can grab a free bonus of AU$ 18.88 as a gift, applicable to EV088 pokies. You can claim this bonus once a day, but your credit must be less than AU$ 0.10 to qualify. Upon reaching AU$ 888 in credit, you can withdraw AU$ 20.

Deal 2 offers 20 unlimited free spins with a bonus of AU$ 30. With a minimum deposit of AU$ 20, you can make unlimited claims, each subject to a 5x winover requirement. For instance, depositing AU$ 20 grants you an additional AU$ 30, totaling AU$ 50, with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 250. Exclusive to Imperium Solo pokies, these bonuses are subject to the standard terms and conditions of the casino.

Lastly, in Deal 3, the Daily First Deposit bonus presents a 30% bonus on a minimum deposit of AU$ 50, with a 3x turnover requirement. You can claim this once a day, yielding a maximum bonus of AU$ 188. For example, depositing AU$ 100 results in an additional AU$ 30, totaling AU$ 130, with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 390. As you can see, these deals don’t make a whole lot of sense mathematically, so we can’t wholeheartedly recommend them.

Top1 AUD Free Credits Campaign Bonuses

Top1 AUD Casino also brings you four enticing Free Credits Campaign Bonuses, each designed to further your fun betting sprees. As a new member, you can enjoy an AU$ 30.00 Sign-up Bonus. This free AU$ 30.00 is yours to play until your credit reaches AU$ 300, with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 20. Exclusive to Vpower, Mario, Pegasus, Ace333, and JILI pokies, this bonus is a one-time claim opportunity for new members.

The Daily VIP Chips bonus offers you a daily boost of AU$ 5.00 in VIP chips, unlocked with a minimum deposit of AU$ 20. You can claim this bonus once per day, which will help you maintain a steady flow of rewards. You can play with this free AU$ 5.00 until your credit hits AU$ 200, with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 20.

The NEW SHARE BONUS encourages some social interaction, providing an AU$ 3 free bonus for every share. If you accumulate 10 shares, you will unlock a total of AU$ 30 to play. The rollover requirement is set at 10x.

Lastly, the Referral Bonus rewards you with an AU$ 30 bonus for each downline accumulating a total deposit of AU$ 300. With a turnover requirement of 5x, this bonus can be claimed once per downline, offering a potential maximum withdrawal of AU$ 300. These bonuses are tailored for Vpower, Mario, Pegasus, Ace333, and JILI pokies only.

Top1 AUD Daily Combo Rewards

Top1 AUD Casino also offers you three enticing Daily Combo Rewards that we’re about to evaluate. Starting with the Daily Check-In 30 Free bonus, when you top up a minimum of AU$ 30, you receive a free AU$ 8.00 bonus. This bonus can be claimed once a day, which will help you make more daring bets. For example, depositing AU$ 30 earns you an extra AU$ 8.00, totaling AU$ 38.00, and with a turnover requirement of 3x, the minimum withdrawal is set at AU$ 114. Exclusively available for pokies, this bonus restricts X4D Lottery, Live Games, and X Sports Games, so it’s best to keep this in mind.

Next up, the 15% Unlimited Slot Bonus allows you to enjoy a 10% free bonus on a minimum top-up of AU$ 20, with a 2x winover requirement. This bonus can be claimed unlimited times, offering a maximum bonus of AU$ 188. For instance, depositing AU$ 20 grants you an additional AU$ 3.00, totaling AU$ 23.00, and with a minimum withdrawal of AU$ 46.00, you can continually benefit from this bonus while exploring your favorite pokies.

Last but not least, the Win Bonus 3% adds some more fun, rewarding you with a free bonus based on your winnings. With a minimum top-up of AU$ 30 and a 3x winover requirement, you can claim this offer once per winning round. For example, winning AU$ 1000 or above grants you a 3% bonus, allowing a maximum withdrawal of AU$ 888. All three bonuses are exclusively meant for pokies.

Top1 AUD Daily VIP Level Bonuses

Another thing Top1 AUD Casino offers are these three Daily VIP Level Bonuses we’ll explore. For the Silver VIP level, when you top up a minimum of AU$ 30 multiplied by 3, you receive a free bonus of AU$ 8.88. This bonus, with a requirement of 3x, can be claimed once a day. For instance, depositing AU$ 90 grants you an additional AU$ 8.88, totaling AU$ 98.88. With a minimum withdrawal amount of AU$ 26.64 and a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$ 888, this one is exclusively available for pokies, with restrictions on X4D Lottery, XLive Games, and X Sport Games.

At the Gold VIP level, a minimum top-up of AU$ 30 multiplied by 6 unlocks a free bonus of AU$ 18.88. With a winover requirement of 3x, this bonus can also be claimed once a day. For example, depositing AU$ 180 earns you an additional AU$ 18.88, totaling AU$ 198.88. With a minimum withdrawal amount of AU$ 56.64 and a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$ 888, this bonus is also exclusive to pokies, with restrictions similar to the Silver VIP level.

For the Platinum VIP level, a minimum top-up of AU$ 30 multiplied by 13 rewards you with a free bonus of AU$ 38.88. With a winover requirement of 3x, this one can also be grabbed once a day. If you deposit AU$ 390 (30×13), you receive an additional AU$ 38.88, totaling AU$ 428.88. The minimum withdrawal amount is AU$ 116.64, and the maximum withdrawal limit remains at AU$ 888.

Top1 Weekly VIP Level Bonuses

Last but not least, you can embark on a gaming experience with Top1 AUD Casino’s Weekly VIP Level Bonuses, created to cater to your preferences.

For the Weekly In AU$ 2500 tier, a minimum top-up of AU$ 2500 unlocks an AU$ 100 bonus. With a winover requirement of 3x, this one can be claimed once a week. Imagine depositing AU$ 2500, yielding an additional AU$ 100, totaling AU$ 2600. With a minimum withdrawal amount of AU$ 300 and a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$ 1000, you won’t be getting the best deal, unfortunately.

Ascending to the Weekly In AU$5000 level, a minimum top-up of AU$ 5000 rewards you with an impressive AU$ 200 bonus. Similar to the previous tier, this bonus has a winover requirement of 3x and can be claimed once a week. For instance, depositing AU$ 5000 generates an extra AU$ 200, totaling AU$ 5200. With a minimum withdrawal amount of AU$ 600 and a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$ 1000, this bonus doesn’t really hit the spot either.

Lastly, the Weekly In AU$ 8000 tier has a minimum top-up of AU$ 8000 which results in an AU$ 300 bonus. With a winover requirement of 3x, this one is also claimable once a week, and it doesn’t seem much better than the rest. You must deposit at least AU$ 8000, for an additional AU$ 300 to bring your total to AU$ 8300. With a minimum withdrawal amount of AU$ 900 and a maximum withdrawal limit of AU$ 1000. One more thing — this bonus is exclusively available for pokies, maintaining restrictions on X4D Lottery, Live Game, and X Sports Game.


If you choose to gamble at Top1 AUD Casino, you’re going to be in for an exciting time because the game library’s abundance of captivating games from up-and-coming and smaller game providers is pretty cool. Pokies, live casino games, and even a sportsbook are among the many genres offered; however, you must be a verified member to see the complete list of games. You’ve come to the correct spot if you’re looking for more information about the games that you can play on the Top1 AUD Casino lands. We’ll offer you a few great ideas, additional information about the game suppliers, and a detailed rundown of the live department of the gambling site. Let’s investigate more closely!

Software providers VPower, Jili, KAGaming, etc.;
Pokies 1,800+
Live Casino Yes
Sports betting Yes
Table Games Yes

Pokies and Providers

The pokies selection at Top1 AUD ranges from good to considerable, and among them are some of our favorites: Bonus Mania, KA Fish Hunter, Dragon Boom, Egyptian Empress, Happy Animal Farm, Elite Games, Meerkats Family, and many more.

Top1 AUD Casino Games Australia

The roster of 36 providers at Top1 AUD Casino includes some well-known brands from across the board, but the majority are relatively unknown to the Aussie market. Evo888H5, Imperium, VPower, Live22, Jili, Dragon Soft, Funky Games, 918 Kiss, Pussy 888, SunCity, 918 Kaya, XE 88, GreatWall99, Playtech, AAA, Ace333, AG Gaming, Gameplay, Dream Tech, KAGaming, Creative Gaming, Lucky365, 888King, FastSpin, UU Slots, Mega 888, Joker, Spadegaming, JDB, Fa Chai, CT 885, ALLBET, Sexy Baccarat, Big Gaming, Venus Casino, M8BET, SBO BET, and XIAO AI ESPORT are the studios the products of which you can choose from while playing.

Live Casino

You can play live variants of all of your preferred table games, including, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and a lot more, in Top1 AUD’s live casino area. If you want to participate, you’ll have an even greater selection of options thanks to a little less than ten suppliers, including Dragon Soft.

Top1 AUD Casino Live Games Australia

Deposits & Withdrawals

Our mission at is to provide you with information on the caliber and dependability of each reviewed casino’s monetary operations. Let’s investigate Top1 AUD’s effectiveness in this field in the upcoming sections.

Deposits at Top1 AUD

A very limited selection of payment alternatives, all in cryptocurrency, are provided by Top1 AUD. Players who like conventional ways of banking may find this problematic, and it’s also important to consider the absence of variation. Here, there are just three payment options: Tether, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The minimum deposit requirement is AU$ 20, which is within the norm, and the sole supported currency is AUD.

Withdrawals at Top1 AUD

The minimum withdrawal amount is AU$ 50, which is a little bit more than the generally acknowledged cutoff. However, it’s not excessive, so we’re not totally against it. Another significant disadvantage is the lack of information on the maximum amount that can be withdrawn each day, week, or month.

Minimum deposit AU$ 20
Minimum withdrawal AU$ 50
Deposit methods Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether
Fiat currencies accepted YES
Australian Dollars accepted  YES
Cryptocurrencies accepted YES

Withdrawal time

The withdrawal deadline for Top1 AUD is 48 hours on business days. It’s nice that this timeline isn’t tedious at all.

VIP Program

Despite referring to some of its perks as “VIP” bonuses, Top1 AUD does not appear to have a VIP program.


Since Top1 AUD doesn’t host tournaments, you’ll need to channel your competitive nature elsewhere.


Regarding the casino’s verification procedure, no precise information is available, although it is advisable to prepare a current utility bill as evidence of residency and a legitimate, government-issued ID.

Is Top1 AUD Legit?

Top1 AUD is a gaming platform that cannot be fully trusted since it withholds information about its owner firm and licensing status. You need to apply caution if you want to enjoy yourself here.

License Unspecified
License number Unspecified
Company address Undisclosed

Customer Support

Although Top1 AUD claims to provide email and live chat assistance, none of these resources was available to us when we tried to contact someone via the live chat feature. Additionally, it says it provides help through WhatsApp and Telegram, but we deem using other services to be a little amateurish.

Support at Top1 AUD Casino Australia

Live Chat Support Yes 
Phone Support No
E-mail Support No
Ticketing System No

Mobile Casino

The Top1 AUD Casino is available via the browser on your mobile device, and it functions and appears exactly like it does on a desktop computer.

Top1 AUD Casino Mobile Version

Mobile version YES
iOS App NO
Android APP NO


Is Top1 AUD safe for players?


Because of undisclosed licensing, Top1 AUD doesn’t seem to be very safe.

What is the best feature of Top1 AUD?


A vast assortment of incentives is available at Top1 AUD.

How much time does a withdrawal take at Top1 AUD?


Up to 48 hours on business days.

Can I play without spending money?


No, you have to start with a deposit and establish an account.

What bonuses does Top1 AUD offer to Aussie players?


The casino provides 19 unique bonuses in many different subcategories.

Does Top1 AUD have a VIP program?


Although it says “VIP bonuses,” at various points, the casino does not have a VIP program.



Although Top1 AUD Casino appears to be packed with eye-catching promotions and visual stimulation, there isn’t much going on underneath. We carefully examined every facet of the casino, but we were unable to identify many positive features that could render your visit worthwhile.

Top1 AUD Casino Vs 3 new casinos in Australia

Casino Rating Bonus Year founded Minimum Deposit Available in Australia
Top1 AUD Casino 3.1 50% Up to AU$ 188 2024 AU$20 YES
RioAce Casino 4.5 100% Match up to AU$750 + 75 Free Spins 2024 AU$20 YES
BM.Bet 3.7 Up to A$3000 + 300 Free Spins 2024 AU$30 YES
Asino Casino 2.4 100% Up to AUD 300 + 200 Free Spins 2024 AU$20 YES
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Amelia Taylor Casino Auditor Last Updated: February 6, 2024

Amelia is huge fan of online casinos and Pokies. She was born in Sydney, Australia and spent last few years as an iGaming copywritter.

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