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Verification time: Unknown
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  • Nothing whatsoever


  • Unlicensed casino with an unknown owner
  • Fake games
  • No bonuses

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Crown Pokies Casino Review

The first thing we thought when we saw Crown Pokies Casino’s homepage is “Oh, God, no”. Because when you’ve been reviewing online casinos for as long as we have, sometimes you just know, like a little gut feeling telling you that you’re about to have a really bad time. Maybe it’s the terrible interface, or perhaps the poor color palette choice, but either way, we knew at a glance that we probably weren’t going to be giving this one a recommendation.

Crown Pokies Casino Review Australia

Still, if there’s one thing we are, it’s unbiased and fair! Okay, that’s two things, but regardless, we put all of our preconceptions aside and still gave Crown Pokies Casino its honest shot. We looked at its games, bonuses, special features, safety and legality, and anything else that readers like you would want to learn about. And then we described all of our findings, because we’re nice like that!

So, did Crown Pokies Casino go against all odds and overcome our initial skepticism, or were our first impressions entirely correct?


Unfortunately, as of the time of writing, Crown Pokies Casino does not offer any bonuses to its players, which is just mind-boggling. Even discounting things such as a no deposit bonus or reload/limited time promotions (which not all sites have), there isn’t even a simple deposit bonus! We’ve almost never reviewed any sites that are so barren in terms of offers!

The reason why bonuses (welcome ones in particular) are so important is not only because they make players feel rewarded for staying loyal, but also because they’re often the reason they sign up in the first place. Any business owner can tell you how difficult it is to convert casual interest into sales, and the welcome bonus serves to do just that, a way for the casino to go “hey, if you take that step, we’ll reward you with this!”

But Crown Pokies Casino doesn’t care about anyone signing up. In fact, as we’re about to find out further in the review, they don’t really care about their players at all.


What kind of games do you think you can find at Crown Pokies Casino? If you guessed “pokies”, then you win our official no-prize, but you’ll get some extra bonus points if you guessed “nothing but pokies”. That’s right: this casino is barren as a field in winter. You won’t find any table games, live games, skill-based games, crash games, sports betting, or really anything besides pokies. It’s honestly rather impressive just how little there is to do here.

Software providers Unknown
Pokies 400+
Live casino No
Sports betting No
Table Games No


While the site’s games selection is very poor, at least the silver lining is that it has plenty of pokies, right? Many fans of online casinos don’t really care much about blackjack or roulette, but are ready to spend hours spinning reels! It’s fair to wonder whether Crown Pokies Casino would at least appeal to them, and to that, the answer is a resounding no.

Crown Pokies Casino Games Australia

For starters, the pokie interface is atrocious. There isn’t any kind of organization whatsoever, just a huge row of hundreds upon hundreds of game icons in no particular order. Some of them aren’t even slots that are widely available, but are instead exclusives clearly stolen from other sites, often still bearing those sites’ names (for example, 888).

Which brings us to our next point: as far as we can tell, all of these games are fake. This means that they were created by a third party with the explicit intention of copying the legitimate games and tricking players into thinking there’s no difference between them. Meanwhile, the fake games can have significantly worse features (no jackpots, worse RTP, removed bonus games, and so on). It’s hardly the pokie paradise that Crown Pokies Casino presents itself as.

Live casino

As previously mentioned, Crown Pokies Casino features only pokies. This means that it doesn’t have anything else, including a live dealer section. Yep – not a single card or dice game in sight as far as the eye can see. If you aren’t really a fan of pokies, or would like a healthy mix of both, then this site isn’t the one for you.

Deposits & Withdrawals

So, the bonuses are non-existent, and the games are a mess. At least the payment options should be tolerable, right? This most basic of online casino elements on which the casino’s profits verge? Well… No. Not really. Because there’s barely any information about them, not even what payment methods are available or what the minimum deposits and withdrawals are.

During our testing, we were encouraged to deposit in Bitcoin – but the site clearly displays that it also accepts bank transfer. However, we weren’t able to discover how to use that for deposits. In general, the payments page is extremely scarse in both information and payment options, which is not only concerning, but also deeply perplexing. One would imagine that even a fraudulent casino would put great lengths into making it convenient for players it money!

Minimum deposit Unknown
Minimum withdrawal Unknown
Maximum withdrawal Unknown
Deposit methods Bitcoin
Crypto currencies accepted Unknown
Australian Dollars accepted Yes
Welcome bonus package None

Withdrawal time

Since we aren’t sure what payment methods Crown Pokies Casino accepts besides Bitcoin (especially for withdrawal, as no withdrawals-related information is present on the site), we will focus this section on crypto withdrawal times. Truthfully, crypto is one of the fastest ways to withdraw, as those transactions rely solely on the blockchain and have no external oversight. Once the payment has been dispatched (usually in about 3-5 days), it should arrive in your Bitcoin wallet within the hour.

With that said, this is purely theoretical. In practice, we have no confirmation that Crown Pokies Casino would actually pay out anything, nor do we feel confident in stating that they will. The likelihood of unpaid winnings (if any winnings are awarded at all) is simply too high.

VIP Program

Unfortunately, Crown Pokies Casino does not offer players the chance to participate in any VIP programs. Honestly, are you even surprised? These programs are designed to show respect to older players and make them feel rewarded for their long-term commitment. Crown Pokies Casino have demonstrated, time and time again, that they have absolutely no respect for any of their players, new or long-term. It’s a fool’s errand to expect any kind of reward from them.


Just like with the VIP program, Crown Pokies Casino doesn’t have any tournaments. What makes this at least somewhat perplexing is that the casino is themed after pokies – they’re even in the name! So, why have pokie tournaments been excluded? It feels like a match made in heaven, right? Once again, we’re likely putting more thought into this than the creators of Crown Pokies Casino ever did.


Unfortunately, given the scarcity of information regarding Crown Pokies Casino, we really don’t have much to say about its verification process. We can’t even confirm whether it exists or not! Under normal circumstances, every online casino would require you to verify your identity, as this is a measure imposed on them by various financial institutions (like Visa and MasterCard), which in turn are complying with the law.

However, some casinos manage to dodge that by simply not working with any financial institutions and instead relying solely on crypto deposits. Does Crown Pokies Casino do that? We don’t know! If we had to make an educated guess, we would say that we’re putting way more thought into this than they ever have.

Is Crown Pokies Casino Legit & safe?

You’re smart, we trust that you’ve figured out the answer of that question for yourself by now, but just to reiterate in case you skipped down to this section without reading the rest: no, Crown Pokies Casino is absolutely not a legitimate casino site. In fact, it just might be one of the most fraudulent-looking ones we’ve ever seen.

Crown Pokies Casino is fully unlicensed, and on top of that, it also has an unknown owner. This is bad in two ways, but mostly, it means that the site’s owners have a lot to hide, and they really don’t like taking accountability for their actions. If they steal your money and run, there is literally nothing you can do about it. No regulator to report them, no company to even sue. They’re gone in the wind. Obviously, no legitimate company would do that.

On top of that, Crown Pokies seems to be lacking any kind of terms of service, “About Us” page, even an FAQ. All of those boring things that you wouldn’t even think about, yet help a site look and feel legitimate, are conspicuously absent here. It’s borderline absurd just how little content there really is not just in terms of games, but even in terms of legal pages!

Customer support

As reviewers, this isn’t our first time encountering an online casino with missing information… Admittedly, it may be the first where there is more information missing than present, but that’s beside the point. What matters here is that, with other casinos, we could always reach out to the customer support representatives and ask. But not at Crown Pokies Casino.

Is it because there simply isn’t any type of support feature? No, there is a live chat service that you can use in order to connect with an operator (but no e-mail address you can write, as far as we could tell). With that said, the feature is worthless. We were not able to get an answer to any of our questions, no matter how basic. Even questions as simple as “what is your minimum deposit amount” were met with non-answers.

Our first support rep gave up on us after a few questions and gave the reins over to another rep. They, too, soon decided our questions like “does the casino have a license” are way too hard, so they offered to schedule a conference call with the owner of the casino. It’s an opportunity that we normally would have been thrilled to take, but said call was going to be scheduled weeks in the future, and quite frankly, we didn’t think it would happen anyway. So when the support agent told us to “take it or leave it”, we chose to leave it, and not look back.

Live Chat support 24/7
Phone support NO
E-mail support Unknown
Ticketing system NO

Support at Crown Pokies Casino Australia

Mobile casino

Granted, the desktop site is a bit of a mess… But the mobile one should be good, right? After all, most players prefer to play on their phones! Alas, we have to be the bearer of bad news: the mobile site is just as much of a mess as its desktop counterpart. It’s slow, it’s full of glitches (several times when we tried to open the menu we were instead sent to a random part of the site), and worst of all, it doesn’t even seem to work properly, as some of the games are unselectable on mobile.

In the interest of complete transparency, we have to bring up the fact that Crown Pokies Casino offers a dedicated, downloadable mobile app that could, theoreticlaly, be much better. Also in the interest of transparency, we must clarify that we didn’t touch it. We wouldn’t trust this casino as far as we can throw it, and installing apps that you don’t trust is a surefire way to do some real damage. So, sadly, this app will remain untested. Should you perhaps be the one to bravely give it a try? No, you shouldn’t.

Mobile version YES
iOS App No
Android APP Yes

Crown Pokies Casino Mobile Version


Is Crown Pokies Casino a safe and legal casino site to play at?


No. Crown Pokies Casino is very unsafe, as it is unlicensed and has an unknown owner. We do not recommend playing there.

Is it possible to place bets in Australian dollars at Crown Pokies Casino?


Yes, Australian dollars are supported.

Can I bet on sports games at Crown Pokies Casino?


No. Only pokies are available at this site.

How can I filter out the pokies available at Crown Pokies Casino by provider?


Unfortunately, it is not possible to filter out the available pokies in any way.

Can I participate in a VIP program at Crown Pokies Casino?


No. Loyalty programs, or any other bonuses, are not available at this casino.

Is it difficult to verify your account at Crown Pokies Casino?


The casino has provided no information on whether it requires its players to verify their accounts or not, and if they do, what their specific process entails.



Crown Pokies Casino is undoubtedly one of the most blatantly scammy casinos that we’ve ever seen. It’s not even covertly trying to hide the fact that the site is a complete and utter fraud that is absolutely going to steal your money and run. If you’ve read a lot of our reviews, you know that we’re typically a lot more lenient, claiming that it’s impossible to know for sure, but we think the site is likely fraudulent, and so on. But there’s no doubt here: Crown Pokies is a scam.

No license. No owner. Fake games. No bonuses. No FAQ or terms of service. Useless support team. Promoting other casinos and apps on its page (seriously, what’s even up with that). No information about payments or payment options, or really anything. It’s like someone threw together a casino in a lazy afternoon and left it as bait for newcomers who don’t know any better.

Well, too bad, because we at are not newbies, and we do know better. That’s why we’re telling you: stay away. There are plenty of sites that are better in literally every single way, all while not stealing your cash.

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Amelia Taylor
Amelia Taylor Casino Auditor Last Updated: October 31, 2023

Amelia is huge fan of online casinos and Pokies. She was born in Sydney, Australia and spent last few years as an iGaming copywritter.

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