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approved Players from Australia accepted.

Bonus: Get a 5% Match Bonus
Minimum deposit: AU$20
Year founded: 2022
Payout time: Up to 3 banking days
Verification time: Up to 72hours
License: N/A

Payment Methods:

Bank Tansfer
BetStar555 Casino Mobile Devices


  • Good promotions


  • Undisclosed license
  • Undisclosed ownership
  • Dysfunctional website

Table of contents

BetStar555 Casino Review

Aussie players sometimes have the chance to play in online casinos mainly marketed for certain Southeast Asian countries, and this is exactly the case with BetStar555. The casino we’ll be taking a look at in this review has India as its main market point but welcomes betting aficionados from other countries as well, and this, luckily, includes us. To be precise, we’re yet to find out if being able to play at this establishment can be considered good luck – we first need to thoroughly assess all its features and attributes, as always.

Our first impression of BetStar555 is one of a slightly messy presentation with a touch of mediocrity. The website’s layout and overall design seem old school and are quite clunky, especially for a newer betting hub. There seemed to be lots of games from different genres, but none of them loaded not only for Aussies but for international players, too. The ‘Promotions’ section offers some great incentives, but overall, the casino lacks in many categories and unfortunately displays many dysfunctionalities. Still, we won’t write it off easily and we’ll dig in to provide you with a comprehensive breakdown of all that you can expect from your stay at BetStar555. If this dubious gambling spot piqued your interest, let’s discover everything about it together in this article.

BetStar555 Casino Review Australia


Undoubtedly, a good selection of bonus offers has a positive effect on one’s decision when choosing an online casino to invest time and funds in by playing. This fact, combined with the fierce competition among online betting hubs nowadays, oftentimes results in varied, unique bonus selections. Any online casino that wishes to gain popularity and establish a solid base of regular players aims to provide incentives that are both enticing and sustainable in the long run. What we mean by that is that a bonus can’t just sound grand – it should also be one with attainable terms and conditions to bring real value to the person claiming it. Apart from this golden rule, if you wish to make sure that you’re in a casino with good promotions, you need to look for at least one welcome bonus and one reload bonus as the bare minimum. Anything above that is great, but there shouldn’t be too many either, as it’s hard for most establishments to sustain over 8 to 10 promotions at the same time.

BetStar555’s ‘Promotions’ page has some great incentives, both for new players and for regulars. Here, you’ll be able to enjoy a welcome bonus, a reload bonus, cashback, IPL bonus, and even a referral incentive. If you’re curious to know more about all these offers, make sure to pay attention to the next few paragraphs, as we’ll take a closer look at each of the listed bonuses to determine whether they are actually beneficial for players. It’s always important to weigh in on the pros and cons, even when it comes to offers that sound good at first. Key factors to look out for are unrealistically sounding amounts or percentages, murky terms and conditions, the lack of specified time frames, as well as wagering requirements that are too high (usually above 50x). Let’s see if BetStar555’s bonuses will turn out to be up to our standards, shall we?

BetStar555 Sign-Up Bonus – Get a 5% Match Bonus

This one is supposed to kickstart your betting journey at BetStar555. The casino states that if you deposit ‘1000 or above’, you’ll get a whopping… 5% match bonus. Compared to most welcome offers that are rarely below 100% and often can be as high as 300%, the humble 5% given by this establishment seems like sheer minginess. Not to mention, that the description does not specify certain currency, so we don’t know how much a ‘1000’ is in AU$.

In some cases, even smaller incentives offered by online casinos can be great for players, if they’re a part of the arsenal of a reputable, solid establishment. Here, however, there are no clear terms and conditions that you can refer to when it comes to this promotion. No directions on how to claim the bonus, no rules attached to it. It is stated that this is a no-wager promo, but even this type of bonus usually goes hand-in-hand with some requirements. This is quite a peculiar situation that makes the so-called ‘promotion’ seem like a front.

BetStar555 Casino Promotions Australia

BetStar555 Reload Bonus – Get 5% for Each Deposit

This incentive is one that promises another whopping 5% added to each of your deposits at the casino. The minimum deposit amount for this one is ‘10,000’, but there’s no indication of a concrete currency that this 10,000 must be in. The brief information regarding the bonus states that there’s ‘no rollover on bonus’. Apart from this, though, there isn’t much that we could find out. It looks like a ‘take it or leave it’ situation and we will definitely leave it, suggesting that you do the same.

BetStar555 Other Bonuses – Cashback, IPL, and Referral

Bonuses at BetStar555 might not be trustworthy or well-described, but there’s no shortage of them. Apart from the welcome and reload incentives at the casino, there are three more – a cashback offer, an IPL bonus, and a referral bonus. Let’s see what we can find out about each of them.

First off, there’s the Cashback offer, called ‘Losing Bonus’. Arguably, this is quite the non-marketing-friendly name for an incentive, but considering the overall quality of the casino, it doesn’t come as a surprise. The ‘Losing Bonus’ entails a, you guessed it, 5% cashback on all of your weekly losses that are automatically added to your account each Monday. There are, once again, no further terms and conditions on the website.

Next comes the IPL (Indian Premier League) bonus, which is practically a sports betting cashback offer that exclusively applies to bets made on the Indian Premier League matches. It’s stated to only be available for matching odd bets, and ‘fancy’ bets are not counted. The cashback you’ll receive with this one is, you won’t be able to guess.. 5%! There most probably are additional terms and conditions, but the website fails to display them if they exist at all.

Last but not least, there’s the Referral Bonus, which secures you another 5% extra if you share a referral link with a friend, they register and make a deposit of at least ‘1000’. In case you have friends who are enthusiastic to play at a chaotically arranged establishment that keeps you on your toes, wondering what to do at all times, then make sure to refer them. Enjoy your 5%, as it’s the most you’ll have the chance to get as a bonus from BetStar555.


A solid game library is a must for each online casino, as all players come to, well, play. The more options there are to enjoy, the longer it is likely for them to stick around. Knowing this, competitive online casinos that set their gaze well into the future, make sure to provide a well-versed game selection that contains many genres and thousands of titles combined. While some may argue that smaller libraries sometimes can stand out as conceptually cohesive and cater to a niche audience, the most secure path to success is a huge library full of top-notch games. It’s normal for most game collections to consist mainly of pokies, but the perfect combo also includes table games, live casino games, mini-games, jackpot games, sports games, and, ideally, sports betting. If you’re looking for a truly immersive experience, it’s best to pick a betting hub that has at least 3-5 game genres in its library. Of course if you’re the type of player who can play just a handful of titles with laser-focus and keep on enjoying the lucky runs, not even the humblest selection can stop you.

BetStar555 seems to have games from many genres – there are pokies, table games, live casino games, and even sports betting that is highly emphasized, taking up almost half of the betting hub’s focus. All is great at first sight but at least at the time of our review, none of the games were accessible even though the casino accepts players from Australia. While trying to find a workaround and explore the game library, we were caught in a situation that was somewhat paragraph 22-ish. We tried making an account thinking that the games might only be visible to registered players, but the registration form continuously malfunctioned. Not only this, but who would go through the hassle of sharing their personal information for a casino that doesn’t even reveal if it actually has something to offer beforehand? Customer service was unreachable, and we ended up not knowing whether the casino even has games after all. We hope that things go better for you and when you try to check out the website, it’s been fixed.

Software providers Evolution, Ezugi, Sports Exchange
Pokies Unknown
Live Casino Yes
Sports betting Yes
Table Games Yes

Pokies and Providers

BetStar555 definitely states that it has pokies in store, but, at least at the moment of our review, the website did not let us access any games. We couldn’t get a grasp of the size of this casino’s game library, nor did we manage to check out any of the titles available there. It’s quite an unfortunate situation that left a negative impression on us as reviewers. A gambling site that has hard-to-reach customer service and malfunctions to the point of it being practically unusable makes us say ‘Thank you, next!’.

Pokies may be all the rage these days, but there would be none without the brilliantly creative gaming studios that we can thank for all of our favorite titles. Providers play a key role in any casino’s success, as the more of them a betting hub can secure, the more varied and exciting its game collection becomes. Players love trying different styles of games and finding the ones that are best suited for them, so game suppliers make sure to keep on creating thrilling games for all of us.

BetStar555 Casino Games Australia

BetStar555 states only three providers: Evolution Gaming, Ezugi, and Sports Exchange. The game section of the casino has a drop-down menu that is used to check out the game supplier list, but, as all other drop-down menus at the website, it wasn’t properly functioning at the time of our review. Whether there are more providers at BetStar555 or not, we can’t tell. Hopefully, by the time you check out the betting hub, the issue would be resolved.

Live Casino

Live Casino games, just like pokies, are a beloved game genre that over time, has become an essential part of any game library. What’s special about this genre is its perfect balance between comfort and sociability – you get to enjoy classic table games in the company of a live dealer and other real players from the comfort of whichever location you’ve chosen for your betting spree. While most online casinos maintain a humble live games section, it’s no secret that the more lobbies there are, the more players will be intrigued to keep coming back. If you’re a fan of betting in an ambiance close to that of a real casino, while being in the charming company of a professional dealer, then live casino games are just for you!

BetStar555 Casino Live Games Australia

At BetStar555, you’ll find a ‘Live Casino’ section accessible via a button in the menu that appears after you’ve selected ‘Casino Games’. Unfortunately, though, just like with all other games, the live casino ones weren’t accessible due to the many malfunctions that the website displayed upon our research.

Deposits & Withdrawals

The best way to make sure that you’ll have the best time at any online casino of your choosing, is to get granular when it comes to the financial aspect. The way an establishment conducts its transactions is oftentimes presumed to be ‘one and the same’, but this is actually the part that is filled with most details and potential pitfalls. Reading our review can give you a general idea of many key factors when it comes to transaction policies and payment tools, but doing your own research and taking careful decisions based on solid information are vital elements of the process, too.

We at are here with a breakdown of all things money at BetStar555 – the casino’s transaction policies, payment methods, accepted currencies, deposits, withdrawals, payout times, hidden fees, and even more. If you wish to always make the best decisions when it comes to picking the betting sites where you play, paying close attention to the next few paragraphs is of utmost importance. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!

BetStar555 Casino Payment Methods


The deposit methods at BetStar555 might seem a little odd to you, as they are ones that mainly cater to the Indian market – BHIM, PAYTM, UPI, PhonePe, Aritel, IMPS, and Bank transfer. Out of all of them, only two are available for Aussie players, namely PhonePe and bank transfers. The minimum deposit amount here is AU$ 20, which is quite standard and is a comfortable amount for new players that might hesitate to start out with a larger amount.


Withdrawals at BetStar555 can be made via the same payment method you’ve used to deposit in the first place. Again, for us, Aussies, this would mean receiving your winnings either via bank transfer, or via PhonePe. The minimum withdrawal amount is AU$ 20, similar to the minimum deposit at the casino. The establishment accepts INR (Indian Rupees), but your AUD will be automatically converted upon transaction.

Minimum deposit AU$ 20
Minimum withdrawal AU$ 20
Deposit methods PhonePe, Bank transfer, BHIM, UPI, etc.;
Fiat currencies accepted YES
Australian Dollars accepted  NO (conversion upon transaction)
Cryptocurrencies accepted YES

Withdrawal time

BetStar555 does not state a withdrawal request processing time frame in its terms and conditions. Customer service was unreachable when we tried to consult them on the matter. The standard waiting time is up to 3 banking days, so if you’re in the mood for assumptions, we could bet on the industry standard.

VIP Program

BetStar555 doesn’t seem to have a VIP program in place. Considering the fact that more than half of the website is practically dysfunctional, though, a loyalty program may be hiding somewhere in there.


The casino doesn’t offer any competitive events to its players, at least at the time of our review.


To be prepared for any additional verification, make sure to always have a valid, government-issued ID, proof of address, and proof of ownership for the payment method you used at hand. The casino doesn’t state any specific details regarding their verification process, though, so they might request more documentation on top of what we listed.

Is BetStar555 Legit?

BetStar555 doesn’t disclose any licensing information, either does it share what company operates or owns it. This in and of itself is a solid red flag, but combined with the severely lacking terms and conditions and the nearly-unusable website of the casino, we’d conclude that it isn’t an establishment you should consider trying to play at.

License Undisclosed
License number Undisclosed
Company address Undisclosed

Customer Support

Customer support at BetStar555 looks quite solid – you can reach a representative via WhatsApp, Telegram, email, and even a phone number. However, our attempts to get in contact with them were all unsuccessful. Hopefully you have better luck than we did.

Live Chat Support Yes 
Phone Support Yes
E-mail Support Yes
Ticketing System No

Support at BetStar555 Casino Australia

Mobile Casino

BetStar555 has a mobile browser version that runs just as well as the website. Unfortunately, this can’t be considered a compliment if you take into account how the website hardly functions at all.

Mobile version YES
iOS App NO
Android APP NO

BetStar555 Casino Mobile Version


Is BetStar555 safe for players?


Highly likely, no. The casino hasn’t disclosed its owner or license and runs far from smoothly on top of that.

What is the best feature of BetStar555?


BetStar555 doesn’t have any redeeming qualities, at least at the moment of our review.

How much time does a withdrawal take at BetStar555?


Withdrawals at BetStar555 don’t have a specified time frame for processing.

Can I play without spending money?


Games are hardly accessible at all, let alone in demo mode.

What bonuses does BetStar555 offer to Aussie players?


BetStar555 offers a welcome bonus, a reload bonus, a referral bonus, a sports bonus, and a cashback offer.

Does BetStar555 have a VIP program?


The casino doesn’t have a VIP program.



BetStar555 is by far the least playable online casino we’ve reviewed. Even reviewing it took an immense amount of mental gymnastics due to the lack of information and hard-to-navigate website. The betting hub hardly functions, the registration form is broken, all promotions offer just a 5% bonus, and the casino’s T&C is wishy-washy at best.

Even if we gave this casino the green light and encouraged you to play there, you may face quite hardships in order to be able to do so. Therefore, we suggest that you pick one of our higher-rated casinos and enjoy your future betting sprees elsewhere.

BetStar555 Casino Vs 3 new casinos in Australia

Casino Rating Bonus Year founded Minimum Deposit Available in Australia
BetStar555 Casino 3.1 Get a 5% Match Bonus 2022 AU$20 YES
Spinaro Casino 5 Yet to be disclosed Yet to be launched AU$0 YES
Casino Galaxy 2.6 200% Up to AU$835 + 200 Free Spins 2023 AU$17 YES
OneDun Casino 2.8 100% Up to AU$ 10,000 Unknown AU$30 YES
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