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Aus55 Casino

  • A lot of different reload promotions

Welcome bonus

50% Match up to AU$150

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approved Players from Australia accepted.

Bonus: 50% Match up to AU$150
Minimum deposit: AU$20
Year founded: 2023
Payout time: Up to 3 business days
Verification time: Up to 3 days
License: Philippines

Payment Methods:

PayID withdrawals
Aus55 Casino Mobile Devices


  • A lot of different reload promotions


  • Likely unlicensed, unknown owner
  • Very few games
  • Almost no payment options available

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Aus55 Casino Review

Over the years, we’ve reviewed plenty of casinos with red flags – outdated design, strange requirements, lack of license or even proper information about the site… And then there are sites like Aus55 Casino which don’t just have red flags, but rather in and of themselves are the red flag. Just looking at it makes us want to charge at it like an enraged bull!

Aus55 Casino Review Australia

Of course, we at are professionals, and would never judge a casino site just based on its appearance alone. And while Aus55 Casino doesn’t deserve it, we’re still going to give it a fair assessment by examining its bonuses, games, and other features, with a specific focus on safety and legality… as it’s very much needed here.


Welcome Bonus – 50% Match up to AU$150

The first indication of just how poor Aus55 Casino truly is lies in its welcome bonus, which is so small that it’s even dwarfed by the reload offers of many other casino sites. As you can imagine, this isn’t a great look for what should be the most important bonus in the entire casino, and the thing that is supposed to convince people to sign up for it.

But how bad can it be, anyway? Well, how about a mere 50% match up to AU$150? That’s right – we typically think that a welcome bonus should offer at least a 150% match, and yet Aus55 offers a mere third of that! And then there’s the very low maximum bonus amount, as just AU$150 is an absolutely pathetic amount no matter how you slice it. It’s downright insulting, honestly. With such a low bonus, neither the regular players nor the high rollers will be happy!

It is worth noting that this welcome bonus is technically part of a bonus package – you’ll be able to get it 3 times, with each of your first 3 deposits, but every time it’s the exact same offer. Regarding the bonus requirements, you’ll need to deposit at least AU$20 (which is also the casino’s minimum deposit in general) to claim the offer. It’s also worth noting that you’ll only be able to use this bonus for slot games.

However, that’s most interesting is the suspiciously low wagering requirement: you’ll only need to wager through this bonus x3 times before you can withdraw it. This sounds like a steal, like they’re practically giving away the bonus… But, as is often the case in life, if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, and we doubt that anyone will be able to withdraw a single cent from Aus55 Casino.

Reload Promotions at Aus55 Casino

Once you’ve claimed all three of the equally underwhelming bonuses, it’s time to move on to the reload bonuses, the ones that you can claim repeatedly. And, to the casino’s credit, these promotions are quite numeros. None of them are great, of course, but there are a lot of them that you can pick out from, so at least they’re diverse. That’s about where our compliments begin and end.

Trust us, when we said “they’re not great”, we mean it. Depending on which day of the week you deposit on, you’ll fetch a bonus anywhere between 5% and 10%, which is… beyond insulting. Imagine depositing AU$100 and only getting an AU$5 bonus out of it, when nearly any other casino will give you at least AU$50.

But match bonuses aren’t the only offers you can find here at Aus55 Casino – the site will also give you referral bonuses, missions you can complete for cash prizes, and a whole lot more offers that you can complete as many times as your heart desires. Like we said, the diversity is genuinely great, even if the actual bonuses are lackluster. For example, you’ll get a mere AU$3 for referring a friend to the casino. Who would even do that for a measly AU$3?!


Even though the bonuses of Aus55 Casino aren’t very good, ultimately what matters in an online casino are its games! So, how do they fare at Aus55 Casino? Well, at a glance, it seems like the offerings aren’t that bad. We have pokies, live games, table games, even sports betting and some arcade games! Really, it’s starting to look like a feast for the average online casino gambler!

Unfortunately, all of these categories have their own issues. And while we’re going to delve a bit deeper into the slots and live games in particular a bit lower, for now, it’s worth noting that one of the main problems with the casino as a whole is a lack of good games. Just because there are a lot of categories available doesn’t always mean that what’s found within is worthy of being played. Take, for instance, Aus55 Casino’s sports betting section – which barely features any real leagues or betting markets, and mostly seems to rely on virtual sports. Who’d want to bet on that as opposed to real, physical sports?!

Software providers Pragmatic Play, BG Gaming, Asia Gaming, Jili, Spade Gaming, KA Gaming, Habanero, FastSpin, Next Spin, Ace333, Playtech, 918Kaya & More
Pokies 1,000+
Live casino Yes
Sports betting Yes
Table Games Yes


At a glance, the collection of pokies available at Aus55 Casino seems… okay. Not spectacular or anything, this isn’t the kind of site that will give you thousands upon thousands of pokies to spin through or anything like that, but there are still a few recognizable names, like Pragmatic Play and KA Gaming. So overall, Aus55 Casino should be enough to satisfy the needs of many gamblers, especially if they’re just getting started and aren’t awfully picky yet… right?

Aus55 Casino Games Australia

Well, when we dig a little deeper, even that image of utter mediocrity quickly falls apart. For starters, a lot of the games here don’t appear to be genuine, or come from very shady providers. For example, Playtech don’t provide their games to Australian players, and yet they’re still available at Aus55 Casino. This means that either Playtech has made some kind of deal with Aus55 in particular (highly unlikely) or the games are fake and have only been made to approximate the real thing. This also means that the fake games probably have fraudulent win ratios and return to player percentages, paying out much less than they’re supposed to.

Live casino

While you can fake slot games fairly easily, the same can’t be said for live casino games. Given their nature, it’s basically impossible to fake those, so perhaps that’s why Aus55 Casino doesn’t really offer a lot of them. Once you navigate to its live section, you’ll only see a small handful of providers, with the biggest being Pragmatic Live and Asia Gaming.

Aus55 Casino Live Games Australia

Admittedly, Pragmatic Live is a fairly decent company with some very good games – arguably, they’re one of the best providers. One common criticism about them is that their diversity of titles isn’t very good, and they’re lacking more obscure games like sic bo, but if you’re primarily interested in the big ones like roulette or blackjack, there should be nothing worth complaining about here.

Deposits & Withdrawals

Even if you are okay with everything we said so far about Aus55 Casino’s games and bonuses, you’ll still need to make a deposit before you can actually play… and that comes with its own set of issues and annoyances. For starters, the casino will only accept two payment methods: crypto and PayID. That’s it. No credit cards, no e-wallets, certainly not any pre-paid solutions like Neosurf! If you don’t want to use crypto or PayID you simply can’t play at this casino.

But the red flags don’t end here. One more thing we really disliked is the high minimum withdrawal amount – while you can deposit as little as AU$20 (which is completely reasonable), you’ll need to nearly triple that in order to withdraw. Why make things so difficult? And what makes this even worse is that the casino doesn’t have a specified maximum deposit bonus, and instead all withdrawals are examined individually and accepted or declined on a case by case basis. Seeing the potential problem here?

Minimum deposit AU$20
Minimum withdrawal AU$50
Maximum withdrawal Unspecified
Deposit methods PayID
Crypto currencies accepted BTC, ETH, USDT
Australian Dollars accepted Yes
Welcome bonus package 50% Match up to AU$150

Withdrawal time

Given the fact that Aus55 Casino only supports two payment methods (PayID and crypto), you may be wondering which one will allow you to withdraw faster. And the answer is unequivocally crypto. While the casino will take a few days to process your transaction (it claims that it’ll only take 2 minutes, but trust us, it will absolutely not), once it has been dispatched, the blockchain will deliver it to you almost instantly. Even Bitcoin, generally regarded as a very slow currency, won’t take longer than an hour.

On the other hand, PayID primarily relies on banks for its transfers, and as such withdrawals can take much longer. Admittedly, not as long as a traditional bank transfer, but you’ll still be waiting for about 3 business days once your funds have been dispatched (which, as we mentioned before, can take a few days in and of itself).

VIP Program

At this point, it definitely shouldn’t surprise you that Aus55 Casino doesn’t have a VIP program… although this isn’t quite as bad as it seems at first. As you can imagine, many casinos try to foster player loyalty by giving their most dedicated players additional bonuses and access to new features, so Aus55 Casino not having that may come across as them not really caring for their players.

With that said, the casino does offer quite a lot of different reload bonuses and other loyalty initiatives that can be claimed even without a particular VIP program to unite them together. Admittedly, most of these bonuses aren’t very good, but they are there, which makes a VIP program much less necessary. Despite our overall negative impressions of Aus55 Casino, it’s important to look at things objectively and recognize that the lack of a program here isn’t as big of a deal as it would have been at other sites.


You know what is absolutely a big deal, though? The utter lack of tournaments. Pokie tournaments have been one of the most popular side activities in casino sites for several years now, to the point where it’s pretty rare to find a casino without some form of tournament. Even if they don’t have any dedicated ones, most will at least host provider-wide “Drops & Wins” promotions that serve a similar function.

Aus55 Casino, though? Nothing. Admittedly, this stems from a different problem (many of the casino’s games being fake, and thus pretty hard to place in tournaments), but it’s inexcusable nonetheless. If you’re one of the people who loves to compete against others in who’ll win the most at their favorite pokie, you should stay away… But, let’s be fair, you should stay away even if you don’t care about tournaments.


Most online casinos will require you to verify your identity before you can make a withdrawal. This isn’t done out of malice or anything like that, but simply due to international money laundering regulations that big payment providers (like Visa and MasterCard) must abide by. In turn, anyone who uses traditional payment options must also abide by the KYC procedure, and that includes online casinos.

With that said, Aus55 Casino makes no mention of ever requiring its players to verify their identity. Logic dictates that they would need to do so, as they work with PayID (which is very much a traditional financial institution), and allowing you to withdraw via bank transfer without proper verification is literally against the law. And yet, there is no information on the site that suggests you need to do it. The words “KYC” and “verification” aren’t even present anywhere.

We attempted to reach out to the Aus55 Casino support team to ask for more details, but those attempts were unsuccessful (more on that a little later). For now, the best answer we can give you on whether Aus55 Casino requires verification is “probably”.

Is Aus55 Casino Legit & safe?

Safety is one of the top concerns for many online casino players – including for us. As such, we always try our best to thoroughly vet every site we review, and alas, we haven’t been able to confirm that Aus55 Casino is a legitimate and safe casino. The reasons for this are quite numerous, and we have described them throughout the review: unreliable support, strange payment options, fake games, etc.

But for now, let’s focus on two of the most important aspects of any casino regarding its safety: its owner and license. Knowing who owns the site will help you figure out the company’s reputation (plus it tells you that they have no reason to hide, which is reassuring), and it can also aid in verifying the site’s license. Having a proper license from a gaming authority is a great way for an online casino to be held accountable and under the watchful eye of an entity with real power over it.

Alas, Aus55 Casino’s owner is completely unknown, and is never brought up once anywhere on the site. As such, we were also completely unable to verify the casino’s claim of having a license from the Philippines (which in and of itself is odd because most online casinos operating in Australia get licensed by Curacao). Lacking any evidence to the contrary, we have no choice but to assume that Aus55 is fraudulent and unlicensed.

Customer support

After a certain point in our research, we were fairly convinced that Aus55 Casino is a scam – but it was our encounter with the site’s customer support feature which made us go from “fairly” to “completely” convinced. As with most things on this site, at a glance everything seems to be just fine: you can message them via the website or via Telegram, and even though they don’t appear to have e-mail support, that’s still pretty good… Right?

Support at Aus55 Casino Australia

Well, regardless of where you message them, the outcome will always be the same: a bot will message you with a cutesy message about what it can do to help (complete with lots of emojis), and then, no matter what you ask of it, it’ll ask you for a comprehensive list of personal details. And we’re not just talking about your e-mail address, either: you’ll need to provide your full name, address, phone number, bank account, and more. Just to get a reply from support!

It doesn’t matter what you write, the response will always be the same, and it will keep requesting this data with the exact same message until you give it. We shouldn’t need to tell you why giving away so much personal information to a shady site is a terrible idea – nor that the site shouldn’t be asking it of you in the first place just to provide you with basic support.

Live Chat support 24/7 (bot only)
Phone support NO
E-mail support NO
Ticketing system NO

Mobile casino

Mobile gamblers rejoice – the Aus55 Casino mobile version is slightly better in layout compared to its desktop counterpart! Yay? Well, we wouldn’t go that far. Most of the big problems with the site’s design (such as its flashing icons, outdated visuals, and text that is far too small to see) persist even here. The biggest difference lies in the organization, with the bonuses now taking central stage on the home page and everything else (like affiliate programs) lying below it. Which is a far more logical way of assembling the site.

Aus55 Casino Mobile Version

With that said, outside of the design, there is nothing about the mobile casino that is different from the regular desktop one. Its lack of games or proper support system persists across platforms, so we certainly doubt that anything you see on mobile will change your mind regarding Aus55 Casino in general.

Mobile version YES
iOS App No
Android APP No


Is Aus55 Casino a legitimate site for Australian players?


No. We were not able to confirm that Aus55 Casino is safe for players from Australia or beyond.

Can I make a deposit at Aus55 Casino using Australian dollars?


Yes. AU$ is the only currency that is currently accepted at this casino.

Is it possible to place bets on sports games at Aus55 Casino?


Yes, but most of that is limited to virtual sports. The amount of real sports betting here is very low.

Do I need to verify my identity before making a withdrawal from Aus55 Casino?


The site has not made it clear whether it performs verifications, but the most logical answer is yes.

Can I make a withdrawal using my credit card?


No. Aus55 Casino only accepts withdrawals via crypto and PayID.

What is the minimum amount of money I’ll need to win to withdraw from Aus55 Casino?


You will need at least AU$50 in your winnings account to initiate a withdrawal.



There are some casino sites that only hide their fraudulency in their terms and conditions, or completely off-site altogether… And then there are those like Aus55 Casino that apply the lightest coat of paint to themselves in the hopes that you won’t notice the myriad of red flags sticking from them. But we did notice, and there is absolutely no doubt that Aus55 Casino is not legitimate or safe to play at.

Even if you ignore its unknown owner, lack of license, fake games, and a bot customer support asking some very inappropriate questions (and you absolutely shouldn’t ignore any of those), you’d still be left with a site that barely has any games filling outs its numerous categories, and with some laughably pathetic bonuses like a 5% match or an AU$3 referral bonus. Why would anyone want to play here even if the site was entirely legitimate?

Don’t waste your time and money. There are hundreds of casinos that deserve both a lot more.

Aus55 Casino Vs 3 new casinos in Australia

Casino Rating Bonus Year founded Minimum Deposit Available in Australia
Aus55 Casino 1.5 50% Match up to AU$150 2023 AU$20 YES
Spinjo Casino 2.6 Up to A$7,500 + 300 free spins 2024 AU$1 YES
Razed Casino 2.5 150% Up to A$4,500 + 200 Free Spins 2024 AU$15 YES
Caz-Win Casino 2.6 100% Up to A$750 2021 AU$15 YES

Some of the pokies you can play at Aus55 Casino

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Amelia is huge fan of online casinos and Pokies. She was born in Sydney, Australia and spent last few years as an iGaming copywritter.

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